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and there stay at Freedom view

25th March 2012



15th March 2012

dear nick,
we had a really great time in Eleuthera and in Freedom View...
We really miss it, now in the cold and cloudy Italy... :-(
Foster is a kind person

Thanks a lot!


Dec 2011

We could not have had a better time.  What an amazing property you have there and Foster couldn't have made us feel more like family.  Everything we needed or wanted was taken care of.  When the house is finished we hope to take all of our friends there.  The beach was exceptional and the privacy was amazing.  What a great vacation we had and we feel lucky to have found your place.  Thanks for following up.  We will be staying with you again.




31st may 2011

Hi nick And gill,

Please excuse the delayed answer, because we are still on holiday in Florida... Eleuthera and the freedom view have been fantastic!!! We already miss it! Foster and his family have been also very nice! I think we will write a real positiv review at tripadvisor the next days...

Thanks for everything! It was a great time!

Take care!!!
Max and Carina


23rd may 2011

Hard to believe our week here is over, for a place where time moves so slow it sure went by awfully fast.
Nick and gill, you are so fortunate to have this getaway home in such a beutifull place. I can’t wait to see the end result for freedom view, we will miss sitting in the swing, lounging on the beach, and enjoying the company of tessa & sadie, who made us feel like we were home. Foster well where can we begin, he is a true gem and as we discovered everyone knows foster. He solved all our problems, shared his love for eleuthera and the ocean, guided us, cooked for us, and shared his perspective on life. Definetely part of what made our time here so great.
Everyone was so friendly we felt at once that we were part of the community, even if it was just for a brief period. Thank you for sharing freedom view with our family, it is a memory we will treasure forever.
Chuck, elaine & robert stoddard, huntington beach california


16th may 2011

Rich lomathe north  fort myers fl & jerry kimviak fort myers fl
We arrived on may 5th 2011 hoping to find treasures
The hobby of metal detecting on many different islands and was for what we found here in eletheuthera, no gold or silver no coins lots of aqua green to blue water & absolute alone ness, undisturbed quiet. I can appreciate this kind of paradise, and under different circumstances this would be great. My wife is in italy while Im here  so there it is. Thank you for the use of your home. There are other islands to search so it is time to move on.

Regards rich lamothe .


3rd may 2011

Welp we are leaving today, what a bummer makes me sad. As usual we had a wonderful time here. Foster showed us around a few parts of the island to go fishing that we have never been to before. This was definitely the highlight of our trip, it was pretty cool he showed us how to use a hand line so we are leaving our fishing pole here we have no use for it any more. Dan pulled up a huge grouper on it & it made me so happy to see a big smile on his face, foster also cooked us a couple of dinners which was wonderful. Truly such a great person & has such a kind heart, we had a great time going out with him. The house was wonderful and well kept great views thank you for sharing your home with us and hopefully we can meet up one day if we are ever down at the same time.

Christie & dan


22  march 2011
Leaving after one week and had the time of our life !! I think we found paradise!! Were going to stop looking anyway. Foster is a godsend  to this island and took us fishing, diving and for a boat ride. Thanks to nick and gill for sharing their heaven on earth and special thanks to foster for showing us the way. We love this island.
Cynthia & charlie

23rd feb 2010

Leaving after 3 months . we built a beach firepit for everyone to enjoy, the locals are friendly we give them rides all the time, they just bang on the roof when we get were they are going. If youre wondering on great places to eat or see just email tandcgrocery@
Back in december.
Chuck and theresa


Thank you also for the helpful written instructions and information.  We tried to follow your directions re: A/C use, cleanliness, spray for bugs, etc. and treat Freedom View and the truck like they were our own.  And that wooden swing with ocean view was solid, thanks for taking the time to build that little piece of paradise!  If we ever meet the Bahamian Prime Minister we will make it a point to put in a good word for you classy residents of Current doing it right - the Bahamian way!

I did forget to tell Foster on the ride to the airport that I cracked one of your tall glasses.  We left it on the counter by the sink.  I’m sorry for any inconvenience.  Other than that no damage or malfunctions to report, all systems normal.

From our standpoint, we consider ourselves fortunate to schedule our annual out-island trip.  We look forward to it immensely as we always return relaxed and purified from the overall experience.  For us nothing can compare.  You and Freedom View came through for us big time this year.  You have a great spot there and we look forward to returning again sometime should you continue to make it available.  Best of luck with the remainder of your renovations. 

LLFV* Thanks again.     Bob and Becky *Long Live Freedom View    8 SEPTEMBER 2009


Nick, This is Ben Young emailing you in regards to my stay a 2 weeks ago in your house in Eleuthera. I took a new job which is why my email address changed. Anyway, I was just curious as to when I would get back my security deposit of $300.00? My friends and I had a great stay, and thoroughly enjoyed your house and the new additions, along with everything that was there last year! The weather was great and the power only got kicked off once for about 45 minutes which was much better compared to last summer when we stayed at the house. We turned off the air units whenever we would take day trips to keep the electric bill down. It was sad to hear about Foster's girlfriend but I'm sure she'll get better. It was a great week at a great house!! Thanks again,

Ben july 2009


We enjoyed our stay at Freedom View, Foster and the potcakes made it extra special.
I let the dogs run and they came back no problem - especially as they got to know me. I will miss them and I know they miss me.  One day they were at the porch with me and in a flash they snuck inside and straight to the sofa and chair. I had to get a photo. It was so cute.
The only thing I suggest to add is some good kitchen knives - like steak knives. Also an outdoor shower. Ted always showered outside by the steps with his bathing suit on, that kept the walkway wet so I recommend placing it in that area, just off the concrete.I discovered the very nice grill and cooked on it just fine.
Ted's a construction inspector and knows all about that. The house will be great - and huge - when you are finished.
The swimming was great right there and we also snorkeled current several times.
The roads are terrible in the bogues, and , of course, where our friends were. Most every where else they were quite good. The bugs are also bad when there is no breeze. 
Hope we left the hose a ok. Please let me know otherwise.Thank you for a great experience.
Nancy & Ted   june 13th 2009


Hi Nick, Gill. We just wanted to drop you a quick line and thank you for a fabulous week at Freedom View.  We enjoyed our time very much and we made many great memories.  Foster was very helpful and informative, we enjoyed the many conversations that we had going.  Monday his Bahamian hunting prowess helped stock our freezer with fish, lobster, and conch (we promised we’d send him some souvenir photos, do you happen to have an address we should use for that?).  I honestly think after only a couple more Current Cut dives with Foster I could consider myself almost 1% Bahamian.  Vernie is a real sweetheart. We also encountered many other friendly folks while out and about.I couldn’t possibly remember all the names but we were always meet with kindness and respect. Tessa and Sadie were also very well mannered. We enjoyed our morning routine of exercising and feeding those two hooligans.  Sadie really warmed up by the end of the week. We savored walking the deserted beaches and s norkeling the pristine reefs of North Eleuthera. Just awesome.

Jim Murray may 17th 2009


Thanks for the feedback Nick.  My wife and I had wondered why you had the dogs when you lived in the UK. We can understand  your wife being unable to resist taking in the two abandoned puppies and they have turned out to be very good natured dogs. We found the equipment in the house more than satisfactory and we can see the potential for the future.
We would have found a couple of portable sun loungers quite useful for use at the back of your house and to pop into the back of the truck when visiting the beaches. Using towels is OK but that sand gets everywhere. I have fishing friend who is interested in spending a week with me in June/July purely to bonefish with a guide. We are currently looking at possible dates and will get back to you as soon as we can.
Goerge bayfield        feb 2008















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