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Freedom View Eleuthera - CURRENT CUT

the current cut drift dive is one of the best drift dives in the world today. it is made from the gap between current settlement and current island, where the tide runs at about 6-10 knots, this makes for a challenging dive. this is for experianced divers only Your buoyancy skills have to be good to be comfortable on this dive.

there are seversal dive shops on Harbour Island, you can hire all the dive gear that you need they will check your ability and experience, and possibly you may have to do a dive with them before they take you in the cut.

you will see allsorts of fish, sharks and rays we had the fortune to swim manta rays while they were feeding that was a fantastic thing to experiance.

the visibility depends on the weather and the speed of the tide, this stirs up the bottom and so making it a bit murky.

the depth varys from 30ft down to about 60ft and has a rocky bottom with the usual sea creatures and fans, there is a lot of small caves or holes which house lobsters crabs and huge angel fish but you will only get a glimse of these as you drift past.

as i mentioned before this dive is not for the inexperienced

you can snorkel the cut if you are not upto diving it.















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